Kings Park Podiatry

Michael & Joe

Michael and Joe completed their Bachelor of Podiatry degrees at the University of South Australia in 2014 and 2015 respectively. Both since have been working at the Royal Adelaide Hospital and previously alongside Barry Olesen, the previous Kings Park Clinic Podiatrist. Working at the Royal Adelaide Hospital has given Michael and Joe the opportunity to work in a tertiary care facility amongst multidisciplinary teams, such as vascular and endocrine reinforcing the importance of preventative diabetic foot care. Just ask them if you wish to see any photos….! Joe is a keen footballer, currently playing his trade at Norwood in the SANFL and his previous work at the Athletes Foot has given him a thorough grounding in sports related injuries and footwear. Michael too played a lot of football, but now enjoys his weekends sports free – except for the odd round of golf (his handicap is 9) Implementing a partnership Michael and Joe work alternate days at Kings Park Clinic, working at the Royal Adelaide Hospital on their off days to maintain their clinical skills. Michael is available Tuesday and Thursday and Joe Thursday and Friday. They are looking to be available Monday and Saturdays in the future.

Mike and Joe